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Advanced Programmes

Ultimate Property Training System
This is a complete system containing some of the most powerful methods and tools for new investors wishing to buy their first investment properties as well as serious investors looking to supercharge their portfolios.

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Unlimited Wealth
This is Wealth Dragons’ signature advanced programme, consisting of three 2-day programmes that maybe completed together over 6 days or individually. For maximum results, we would highly recommend that you commit to all 6 days in one go.

The objectives of this programme are as follows:

– Gain advanced knowledge in three of the most important subject areas through live Accelerated Learning by their respective experts.
– Experience the real-life scenarios through our carefully designed activities and get instant results.
– Experience personal breakthrough and unleash your inner power.

Here are the details:

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Finding property deals is all about positioning and reaching your market through marketing.  In this programme, you will be learning some of the most effective marketing techniques on the planet that can be applied to any businesses!

You’ll be learning:

The essential skills in Internet Marketing that you may apply immediately to your products or services with competency.

– How to drive massive traffic to your websites using advanced Google techniques.
– How to implement competitive strategies to gain advantages.
– How to apply guerrilla techniques that generate leads for “pennies” and reach a world audience.

You will need to bring with you a laptop computer with reasonable speed and WIFI connections.

Lease Options 2 copyLease Options 2.0 builds on the wealth of information that you’ve acquired during the Bootcamp on lease options. Learning about lease options is one thing but “experiencing” the process by participating takes the whole learning experience to a new level.

In this programme you will be given difference scenarios from motivated sellers and tenant buyers alike and you will be applying different lease options strategies to make each scenario a win-win.  You will learn how to never find a bad tenant again and identify Rent to Buy opportunities.

By the end of the programme, you will be competent in:

– Analysing each seller’s situation and applying the appropriate strategies to achieve win-win.
– Constructing an offer that is clear and attractive so your chance of getting it accepted is greatly enhanced.
– Selecting the best tenants for your rental properties
– Profiting from and protecting your own interests in setting up your Rent to Buy deals.

influence & persiasion Power_final logo copyIn property or any businesses, how you turn a prospect into a customer relies on one thing only – effective communication skills.  There are many stages in communication. Unless you can persuade and close that deal, all your other efforts will go to waste.

This is the programme that your communication will be taken to a new dimension through the power of influence and persuasion. If there is one programme that is life changing, this is it! It’s not just about the skills, but also the confidence you’ll develop that will benefit you in all areas of your life.

You’ll be learning:

– The 7 essential buying patterns and identifying their signals.
– The importance of langauaging.
– The secrets of building instant rapport.
– Understanding voice, body and tone for maximizing impact.

In this programme, we will demonstrate live, using property deals as an example, how to turn a lead into a deal. This is the only known training programme on this planet that someone would have an opportunity of making a live call and walking away with a deal.

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