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The Apprenticeship

The Wealth Dragons Apprenticeship is a 12-month advanced mentoring programme designed to push you past the initial sticking point of the learning curve and get you to the next level.

Make no mistakes – the journey of a successful property investor is one that is arduous and full of “trials and tribulations”. It takes motivation, guts, consistency, dedication and inevitably mistakes from which you will learn to move yourself along the “learning curve”.

While the process of doing a property deal is actually very simple, it is by no means easy. It’s simple because the process is laid out step-by-step and all you’ll need to do is to follow these steps.  It is not easy because it requires one element that bridges the gap between knowledge and success and it is action, which in turn is attributed to the skills that brings it into fruition. Skills come from coaching and accountability.

There are other reasons why people procrastinate. Some of which are:

– Lack of strong enough reasons to act
– Lack of energy and vitality
– Lack of time management
– Lack of knowledge and clear guidance for application
– Lack of money


Through our years of training, we recognise the critical success factors in getting results, such as:

– Gaining advanced knowledge in property
– Developing essential skills
– Re-engineering your mindset and money blueprint
– Massive action taking
– Accountability

With a personal mentor assigned to all our Apprentices for 1:1 mentoring, the Wealth Dragons Apprenticeship has achieved over 70% success rate in students doing one or more property deals in their first 12 months.

For more information about applying for the Apprenticeship Programme, fill in the form on the Home Page or call +44(0)1908698873.